Marketing Software For Your Business Needs


Whitecross ‘Marketeer’ dynamic campaign management allows you to streamline your conversion and retention flows to easily manage your marketing programs to engage and target your customers at the right time effectively.

Marketing Competently Completed

Your vision for your customers, competently completed and executed by us with you.

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It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

Truer today than its ever been !


We include everyone, regardless of their mental or physical abilities ensuring understanding, appreciation, and meaningfull contributions.


We will be, accountable, amenable, answerable, and liable.


By us showing consideration and regard for someone or something.


Our best working practice whereindividuals work together for a common purpose to achieve business benefit for all parties.

Customer Connect
Whitecross 'Customer Connect' allows you to engage with your customers using several mediums, including Email and Live Chat. Supporting integration with many market leading CRM, Bulk Email and Live Chat solutions to offer a unified approach to customer contact.
Whitecross 'Rewards' allows you to manage customer rewards allowing you to define offers and target specific customer segments to help convert or cross sell your products. Flexible options include time limited offers, repeatable offers or previous purchase based offers.

Marketing Software For Your Business Needs

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