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Whitecross 'Allegiance' allows you to manage your customer loyalty program this will ensure the retention of your customers and encourage repeat sales. Also included is achievements to 'gamify' your customer experiences and incentivice future purchases.



Whitecross ‘Checkout’ allows your customer/s to securely and intuitively checkout and complete their sales through your ecommerce site/s. Providing support for many payment methods and integrations to many payment gateways this will allow you and your customers' flexibility in completing their purchases.



Whitecross ‘Prediction’ allows you to predict what your customers are going to do next. Run customer simulations to test hypotheses and get an early indication of how decisions might impact your business.



Whitecross ‘Tracking’ provides tools to see how your customers use your ecommerce websites. Detect conversion flow, drop-off rates, pain-points & get valuable insight into how your customers navigate your ecommerce sites.

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